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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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This folder contains all of the "Out Of Character" information for the Grey Tiger Tong.

Backroom Dealings:

Out of Character Guild Rules


The Tong operates under the following OOC (out of character) rules. These are not meant to be onerous but instead clearly lay out what is expected. Note that although game mechanics do not allow one guild, we operate as one guild. Rules apply across the factional divide. If you feel someone has violated one of these rules, please contact an officer who will guide you through resolution or submit a complaint through the web site.


-Treat your fellow guild mates with OOC respect. Specifically, you don't have to like everyone but you are expected to not insult, harass or demean any other member in any OOC fashion.

-Officers are expected to set an example, both in word and deed.

-All members must register on the guild web site forums and post an IC (in character) background.

-/Guild is IC and is role played as communication devices. Guild Chat is to be used for IC and game related conversation only. Join /gttooc for our guild's OOC chatter.

-/Say, /Yell, and /Emote are all IC ONLY. This is out of respect for the role playing experience of the other members of the community. If OOC in these channels is unavoidable, the information should be noted as OOC, typically with double parentheses.

-For the sake of guild mates, members are expected to respect the guild concept and only break the oaths IF they expect to role play out the consequences. Even then some OOC warning is appreciated. Breaking a Tong oath is not taken lightly and can result in immediate loss of guild membership.

-Members must follow the naming rules of the role playing servers, and Azerothian-style names are encouraged.

-Treat all other players with the same respect you would treat a guild mate. We all represent our guild and should do so with honor and dignity.

-Be sure to observe the “need before greed” rules on looting items while partying.

Suggestions & Tips

-Be aware of the difference between IC and OOC interactions.

-Be sure to help your fellow guild mates out whenever you can spare the time.

-Please attend all guild events that you are able to and regularly check the forums. This will promote a strong community as well as help everyone stay on the same page as to what we’re doing as a guild.

-Members are encouraged to be IC as much as possible, if not at all times; we've found that we've truly enjoyed the challenge of roleplaying our way through instances. Standing around having a discussion about parrots on the docks in Deadmines can pose ... challenges.

-Members are encouraged to develop role play that involves others, whether it be guild members and/or other role players.

-Members do not need a fully developed background but should have some sense of their character's background, motivations, tastes, etc. These can be developed but should follow a progression.

-Generally, 'low' fantasy characters are a better fit with our guild; demons, epic heroes, liches are something the Tong generally avoid. We find it extends our RPing lifespans.

-God-moding and meta-gaming, which we agree are subjective terms, are discouraged.

We operate on a 'three strikes and you're out' system, with officers working together to determine official 'strikes'. Our preference is to first address issues through communication. If an issue is not resolved, please submit a complaint. Ideally, complaints should be submitted with your name and contact information. If you desire anonymity, please contact an officer and have an officer submit the complaint on your behalf.

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