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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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Contained herein are notes and observations on the inner workings of the Grey Tiger Tong. Much of this information is considered to be a closely guarded secret.


Ranking System

There are three branches of the Tong: Horde, Alliance and Goblin.

Within each branch, there are three Tiger Master positions. The Tiger Masters are a council of equals who have the final say in all branch matters. Additionally, Tiger Masters meet to resolve any inter-branch issues.

Each Tiger Master may have up to three hand-selected Tiger Vanguards. The Vanguards are the Master's confidantes, body guards and representatives. Their authority is virtually that of the Tiger Master, and they are able to promote individuals and accept contracts.

The officers of the Tong are divided into three categories, reflecting personal tendencies more than profession, and are of equal rank.

Fighting Tiger

This Tiger tends to solve problems head on, with fists or steel or both. Fighting Tigers typically take the lead on escorts and field battles. In terms of earning a living, they usually take the lead on jobs involving bodyguards and security, 'messy' hits or raids, and protection rackets.

Prowling Tiger

This Tiger has a way with words, guile and charm - these Tigers are the Tong's diplomats, negotiators and wheelers and dealers. Prowling Tigers typically organize smuggling efforts and manage supplies. These officers take the lead on the earnings involving smuggling, gambling and loansharking.

Stalking Tiger

This Tiger prefers the shadows - relying on stealth and surprise for the advantage. Stalking Tigers typically take the lead on spying, kidnapping, collection of material for blackmail, and covert hits.

Tiger Claws

The 'foot soldier' of the Tong is the Tiger Claw. They are full members of the Tong with all the privileges and responsibilities that entails.


Associates are those who show promise but have not yet been accepted fully into the circle of the Tong family.

All promotions above Associate must be finalized by the Tiger Masters. If the Claws work hard they will finally be able to branch out into the Fighting Tigers, Stalking Tigers or Prowling Tigers. These three catagories of officer are all of equal rank. There is always a test for the promotion of Claws, and each test is varies with the three branches.

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