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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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This folder contains all of the "Out Of Character" information for the Grey Tiger Tong.

Backroom Dealings:

Joining the Guild - OOC

The history of the Tong is that it originated as a security force for goblin merchants. These merchants did not particularly trust magic and therefore the Tong was comprised of rogues, hunters and warriors only. Tradition is important to the Tong and typically ONLY these classes are accepted. We have made a small number of exceptions but only where the applicant has made a very strong case for how their character fits the guild concept. We encourage interested folks to consider a rogue, hunter or warrior alt.

Additionally, the Tong is built on trust and prefers to take young talent. This helps avoid infiltration by enemies and law enforcement. OOC this means we prefer characters who are level 20 or under (yes, under!). Again, exceptions have been made - but need extra justification. A level 60 rogue, for example, has seen and done a lot - and likely has allegiances already.

Guild jumpers are not welcome; aside from OOC reasons, characters who have a history of changing guilds are not likely to gain the Tong's trust.

All in game members must be forum members. Only one forum registration is required, regardless of the number of Tong characters you have.

Members must post a character history in the Character forum. Histories must be at least 250 words long (longer is fine).

Attend the weekly guild meeting as much as possible. Currently guild meetings are Sunday nights at 830 pm.

All members who can must install X-Fire, since we use this for our cross-faction communication. Those that don't have this will have to nicely ask other members to translate during guild meetings.

This is a loose guild and it's ok to play occasionally. We do ask that you let us know if your character will not be logged in for any time over 2 weeks. Prolonged unexplained absences may result in expulsion from the guild.

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