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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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Contained herein are notes and observations on the inner workings of the Grey Tiger Tong. Much of this information is considered to be a closely guarded secret.


Tong Honors

The Tong take note of excellence, honor and courage among their rank. They award honorary titles on a monthly basis to members that display these three virtues.

The traditon of these awards has been handed down from past generations of Tong. Each bestowed title shows the respect an individual Tong has among the guild.

Heart of the Tiger: An honor reserved for those who have sacrified limb or even life for the sake of the Tong.

Eye of the Tiger: An award reserved for the recruitment and retention of new Tiger Claws.

Spirit of the Tiger: This honors Tigers who have labored successfully to bring in clients, jobs and ultimately shares to the Tong.

Tail of the Tiger: The Tong's work is dangerous and often maddeningly quiet. This award honors those Tigers who have entertained and delighted us with their stories and tall tales.

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