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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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This folder contains all of the "Out Of Character" information for the Grey Tiger Tong.

Backroom Dealings:

Hiring the Tong - OOC

Our primary purpose, of course, is to RP with folks and have a good time doing that. One of the most common interactions is folks who approach the Tong to hire us for work. Generally, given our legitimate cover, approaching us discretely about potential work (either quietly or through innuendo), works best. Asking a Tiger on the steps of the bank to whack someone for you generally won't be well received.

For payment, we do ask for some exchange of game coin. This is NOT to get rich; rather, it serves as a very basic test of interest. It is very frustrating to begin a RP of being hired and have it simply forgotten. Some exchange of in game gold helps assure us of your interest. Also, any earnings are shared amongst active guild members. With that said, we have NEVER allowed an amount of in game coin determine whether RP happens. We are willing to work with potential customers to find a reasonable amount; payments have ranged from 50 gold to 50 silver.

What type of work does the Tong do? Here is a brief list of activities we would typically RP (in addition to the legitimate business operations):

  • Smuggling - A central part of what we do, and has included various contraband and illegal (or at least unethical) disposal of waste. We specialize in getting items from one faction to the other. It's a snap for us to RP getting goods across the border - we ask only that folks come up with some IC reason for a transfer;

  • Spying - Another common job, making use of our 'intelligence' assets to collect information;

  • Blackmail - We've tried this and but this requires principal players who are willing to not just blow off blackmail threats. Still, this is something that sounds like a lot of fun to RP;

  • Theft - We've downplayed this, leaving this to more pure thieves' guilds. Some Tigers might be occasional muggers, while others prefer the more ritzy targets but it's not a major guild activity;

  • Protection rackets - Pay up to make sure 'someone' doesn't burn down your shop (mostly RPed off NPCs) - not a commonly requested job but something the Tong certainly does

  • Gambling dens - High stakes games with the house making its fair share (not allowed in game, but part of our 'fiction')

  • Loansharking - This would require us to actually have gold to do this in game but safe to assume the Tong does this

  • Hired hits and kidnappings - We've done these but IC but we always accept these jobs with a high degree of trepidation. IC this work is very high risk. OOC honestly these are the RPs that most often go wrong. When trying to hire the Tong for this, please obtain the OOC cooperation of the target(s), as the first thing we'll do is check with the target(s) to scope out how they like to resolve conflict.

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