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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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This folder contains all of the "Out Of Character" information for the Grey Tiger Tong.

Backroom Dealings:

Fighting the Tong - OOC

Conflict can be fun! Certainly as a guild, we would be willing to work with other guilds or individuals on RP involving 'gang wars' or violent attacks.

On an individual level and for within faction combat, there are many methods that folks use to resolve combat. Generally, it is recommended that it is worth the effort to resolve OOC how combat will be resolved. That is not to say that the outcome necessarily should be pre-determined but it seems to pay to decide the method (e.g., rolls, freeform, etc.) and perhaps even a range of acceptable outcomes for each participant. In terms of deciding the method, one approach is to allow the person attacked (the defender) to choose.

On a level of guild conflict, this could lead to some wonderful RP. There are consequences, however, for individuals if their guild 'goes to the mattresses'. For that reason, we ask that those who would like to clash with the Tong as an organization, please contact one of the Tiger Masters to explore these options PRIOR to initiating a 'gang war'.

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