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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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This folder contains all of the "Out Of Character" information for the Grey Tiger Tong.

Backroom Dealings:

Roleplaying Expectations


Roleplaying is a fine balance between allowing imagination to run free and mutually agreed upon constraints. Setting precise expectations is a difficult task at best. Instead we focus on setting expectations based on how it affects other players.

For our guild members, we expect the following:

/Say, /Yell, and /Emote are all In Character (IC) ONLY. This is out of respect for the roleplaying experience of the other members of the community. Every effort should be made to use other methods of communication for OOC information (e.g., using whispers or party chat to let folks know you need to log off). If OOC in these channels is unavoidable, the information should be noted as OOC, typically with double parentheses. ((example))

/Guild is IC and is roleplayed as communication devices. The guild channel is always IC only.

We have an OOC channel for guild members. OOC communication is perfectly acceptable here!

/Whispers and /Party are, by default, expected to be IC. OOC is fine but should be marked with double parentheses. We aren't strict about that as this is essentially private communication and is up to the players involved.

In addition, the guild is focused on roleplaying, both within the guild and with other interested roleplayers on the server. To this end, the guild has the following general approaches:

Members are encouraged to be IC as much as possible, if not at all times; we've found that we've truly enjoyed the challenge of roleplaying our way through instances. Standing around having a discussion about parrots on the docks in Deadmines can pose ... challenges.

Members are encouraged to develop roleplay that involves others, whether it be guild members and/or other roleplayers.

Members must follow the naming rules of the roleplaying servers, and Azerothian-style names are encouraged. These are based on typical NPC names, Warcraft fiction and commonly accepted names, such as names of Asian, Arabic, etc. origin.

Members do not need a fully developed background but should have some sense of their character's background, motivations, tastes, etc. These can be developed but should follow a progression (Note that guild members are required to post a short character history on the guild forums).

Generally, 'low' fantasy characters are a better fit with our guild; demons, epic heroes, liches are something the Tong generally avoid. We find it extends our RPing lifespans.

God-moding and meta-gaming, which we agree are subjective terms, are discouraged.

For the sake of guildmates, guild members are expected to respect the guild concept and only break the oaths IF they expect to roleplay out the consequences. Even then some OOC warning is appreciated. Breaking a Tong oath is not taken lightly.

Finally, what do we expect of those we interact with? Honestly, we emphasize being open to all RPers whether new, old, freeform, or whatever. All we ask is that folks be focused on a fun, respectful roleplaying environment.

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