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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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This folder contains all of the "Out Of Character" information for the Grey Tiger Tong.

Backroom Dealings:

Useful Downloads

XFire A chat program that can be used in-game without minimizing the game window.

ImmersionRP ImmersionRP was designed as a light-weight and user-friendly RP immersion system that follows the ideas of and is compatible with flagRSP.

FlagRSP2 An add-on that 'flags' you as interested in RP, provides a brief customized description, and an improved friends' list.

MyRolePlay MyRolePlay is an addon in the developing role playing suite named the MyWarcraft Suite.

Tongues Create and speak in various languages. Does not allow cross-faction communication. Note the dialect file containing Tong Cant is provided with Tiger Claw status in the guild.

RPG Outfitters' Guild Manager and Character Profiler A program that keeps a viewable character profile on the web to share information (with customizable privacy restrictions).

Texas Hold'em Play poker in-game.

Helpful Links

World of Warcraft Website Blizzard's official WOW page.

Earthen Ring Forums Blizzard's official forum for Earthen Ring.

World of Warcraft Wiki Very likely the best resource for WOW lore and history in addition to tons of useful in-game information.

Earthen Ring Wiki The unoffical homepage for Earthen Ring.

Allakhazam A useful resource for questlines.

World of Warcraft Map In case you get lost.

Talent Calculator A tool provided by World of Warcraft to allow calculations of the effects of various builds.

Blizzplanet RP Association Forum on Warcraft Lore

Blizzplanet RP Association Sticky on Horde Racial Lore and Stats Includes info on Ogres.

Blizzplanet RP Association Sticky on Alliance Racial Lore and Stats Includes info on high elves, half elves, Windhammer dwarves.

Blizzplanet RP Association Forum on Sticky on Other Racial Lore and Stats Includes info on goblins and furblogs.

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