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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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This folder contains all of the "Out Of Character" information for the Grey Tiger Tong.

Backroom Dealings:

Guild Concept

Most folks understand that the Tong has several public faces, including legitimate businesses like the Gray Tiger Shipping & Freight Company and the Savage Coast Fishmonger Company. Given current tensions between the Horde and Alliance, Tigers of either faction are not open about their connections 'across the border.'

The Tong, however, is a bit more mysterious group. Tigers typically wouldn't speak about the Tong first to strangers, instead referring to particular companies. For those who are aware of the Tong, the public explanation is that it is a benevolence society (which is true of real Tongs) made up of local merchants.

The Tong is not evil. In fact, the Tong is neutral, and perfectly happy to accept contracts from a variety of clients. There is a strong sense of honor in the Tong; a promise (or contract) made is a promise kept. Furthermore, the guild is premised on skirting the law, not flaunting it; in fact, we keep up at least a superficially friendly relationship with the law.

Aside from the legitimate business covers, the Tong is typically involved in the following type of work

  • Smuggling - A central part of what we do, and has included various contraband and illegal (or at least unethical) disposal of waste. We specialize in getting items from one faction to the other;

  • Spying - Another common job, making use of our 'intelligence' assets to collect information;

  • Blackmail - We've tried this and it sounds like a ton of fun but you need some committed RPers who are willing to not just blow off blackmail threats;

  • Theft - We've downplayed this because it's very hard to get away with theft in the city since there aren't all that many truly empty alleys. Some Tigers might be occasional muggers, while others prefer the more ritzy targets

  • Protection rackets - Pay up to make sure 'someone' doesn't burn down your shop (mostly RPed off NPCs)

  • Gambling dens - High stakes games with the house making its fair share (not allowed in game, but part of our 'fiction')

  • Loansharking - This would require us to actually have gold to do this in game but safe to assume the Tong does this

  • Hired hits and kidnappings - We've done these but IC we've always been very quiet about this due to the high risk. OOC honestly these are the RPs that most often go horribly wrong

To do all this, the Tong is presumed to have powerful goblin connections (see RP stories on our forums), a network of NPC Tigers as well as contacts around the world, and extensive influence among guards and legal officials (if not PCs than NPCs), shored up either by bribes or blackmail.

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