Grey Tiger Tong

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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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This folder consists of brochures for Tong controlled business fronts as well as paperwork for joining up or for hiring them.

Public Face:

Membership Application


This simple piece of parchment looks like a job application for any normal business. Reading it over, however, you notice that some of the questions seem a little odd.

All fields are required. Be sure to read the OOC notes about joining, including class and level preferences!

Applicant's Name:

Mailing address: ((Email))


Job Training: ((Class))

Availability: ((How often do you play?))

Experience: ((Current character level))

Reasons for submitting this application?

Background & Job History
((Please include at least 150 words on your character background. This knowledge will be counted as OOC and not known by characters.))

Word Count:

Mail this application?


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