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The Slow Blade is proud to offer a peerless selection of bladed weapons to fit every warrior. Here you'll find the best work work from the finest smiths in Azeroth. We offer premium swords, axes and daggers as well as accessories for those desiring the finest quality weapons at prices unmatched in the industry.

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We are located in the Cleft of Shadows in Ogrimmar. Don't bother asking for directions, just come find us.

Now Available

Broadswords for 2 Gold 46 & 29
Claymores for 26 Silver & 77
Fine Cutlasses for 20 Silver & 23
NEW Dacian Falx for Gold 20 & 39
Espadon 60 Silver & 79
Falchions 5 Gold 18 & 36
Jambiyas 23 Silver & 91
Kris Knives 71 Silver & 16
Longswords 87 Silver & 44
Main Gauches 1 Gold 93 & 36
Poniards 36 Silver 51
Rondels 4 Gold 54 & 31
Scimitars 38 Silver & 16

Please feel free to browse the artistic renditions of some of our newest products. Be aware however, that the weapons shown may not be in stock at the time of purchase. We suggest that you take what you get and be happy about it. All enchantments cost extra.

The Slow Blade is a subsidiary
of the Pan-Azeroth Trading Company, located on the World of Warcraft realm Earthen Ring.

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