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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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This folder contains all of the "Out Of Character" information for the Grey Tiger Tong.

Backroom Dealings:

Earning a living - OOC

To encourage folks to do those things and no longer assume it, we're going to try RP XP. For a given month, I'll total up all the RPXP earned by all members, including initiates. Then I'll figure what percentage of those RPXP was earned by each character. This percentage is the percentage of the guild payment earned (which is 1/2 of the guild account at the end of the month).

Here's an example -

Tong membership RPXP adds up to 1000 points. Joe Rogue has 50 of those. Therefore, Joe Rogue's percentage is 5% ([(50/1000)*100%)). The guild bank account was 40 gold at the end of the month, so 20 gold of that is made available for dividends. Joe Rogue's 5% is 1 gold.

Of course, the more the guild earns, the higher the actual dividend!

How RPXP Are Earned

RPXP are earned in two ways. Posts (which must be IC) on the guild's IC forums earn points based on length. This means that OOC notes in these forums will be frowned on, and RPXP subtracted if necessary. Fixed amounts of points will be awarded for various accomplishments. Currently, winning the Heart, Spirit or Eye of the Tiger award in a month is worth 20 points a piece.

This system strongly encourages use of the forums. Note that you don't have to write fiction to post IC here. Ideally, folks will post about RP in-game, sharing those stories and possibly opening it up to others. Our hope is that folks who actively RP either here or in game will do alright under this system, while folks who do both will benefit the most.

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