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Grey Tiger Tong

Faction. Redefined.
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Case File 1163 - Grey Tiger Tong

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So, you want to know more about the Grey Tiger Tong? That's smart. It's good to know about the people you're going to do business with. My records are thorough and I don't show them to just anyone, but since you've been kind enough to make a generous donation to the Undermine Widows and Orphans fund, I suppose I can let you take a look.

They're a busy nest of vipers, so there's a lot of valuable information here. I think you will find that it is all carefully marked and filed, so don't mess it up.

Public Face deals with their legitimate fronts. You'll find forms there if you decide you want to hire them or in case you're looking for a job. Infrastructure covers their history, current members and a little about their private ranks and oaths.

Backroom Dealings contains some of the more esoteric workings of the organization. I highly recommend you read this section thouroughly. It could save your hide. Visual Surveillance is a collection of images and artistic renderings of the Tong for ease of identification. Finally, Internal Memos is where you'll find all the recorded conversations.

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